>> Sunday, May 16, 2010

            Halo everybody.. I  am happy to join you all through this blog. Its still surprising how I ended up with a food blog, being a amateur cook by myself. Time changes everything.. Its two years since, I started cooking all myself by hearing to my mom's instructions and now I am good enough to suggest some new dishes to my mom herself. :)

           Here I come with my food world, where I can share some simple recipes tried by me, with more stress on food from Tamil Nadu. This blog will be of good help to beginners like me, to share effortless, uncomplicated recipes.

           Here I will also try to include some ideas on how to make our every day meal healthier. Being married to a health freak and a guy who is much tougher to satisfy, I had to learn to get the same authentic taste into our food, with fewer calories and fat.

          Hope this blog gets its energy with all your support.. Welcome all....


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